DSP Series


Dimsense Panel
DSP Series comprises product which are technologically-advanced by the employment of the R&D working line, similar to “Art-Line Series”:

DSP-6912 Series


  1. Circuit controlled by Microcontroller.
  2. Up to 32 program settings.
  3. System is protected from excess power or short circuiting by MCB. under IEC/EN 60898 standards.
  4. Voltage isolation between the control system and power system is ensured safety by the opto-isolator with AC. voltage tolerance valued at 7,500 volts.
  5. RFI. Suppression noise protection system em pp p y ploying the Toroidal choke and the R-C Network. Meet with BS 800,VDE 0875 and CISPR 14 (EN55015), (EN55022),(EN50081) standards.
  6. Heat ventilation using heat sink. and fan units controlled by a microcontroller.
  7. Solid State Thyristor phase power or relay control system.
  8. Light dimming by the “Square Law “B”   Dimming Curve
  9. “E² PROM”  data loss protection system (No need for battery back-up)
  10. 40°C Maximum ambient temperature for 100% duty cycle
  11. Panic override function (By-Pass System)
  12. Compatible with Incandescent, Halogen, Halogen low voltage, Fluorescent, LED and other.
  13. Can be Programmed by front panel and Hand Held Programmable.
  14. Scene recall using by front panel and remote control.
  15. Load test with auto fade testing function.
  16. Function Monitor : For easy viewing of lighting level of each channel
  17. Independent setting for Dim or Non-Dim function.
  18. Start Dimming can be set on a per-channel basis (0-100%).
  19. Start Non-Dim can be set on a per-channel basis (0-100%).
  20. Filament Preheat can be set on a per-channel basis (0-20%).
  21. Output Limit can be set on a per-channel (0-100%) basis.
  22. Fade time setting for scene change (0-60 Minutes)
  23. Analog output 0-10Vdc. (Optional)
  24. Master/Slave setting for system control management.
  25. Lock key function to prevent operation.
  26. Can be patch channel.
  27. Start address (DMX-512) Setting.
  28. A choice of wall mounted and Cable Tray installations.
  29. Compatible with control signal input at DMX-512 and Lunar protocol (RS-485)
  30. Compatible with 1-Phase, 2 Wires 200-240 V.AC. 50Hz. and 3-Phase, 4 Wires 200/400V.AC. 50 Hz.
  31. CE EMC Standard.