Lightsense Theatre Lighting Luminaires

Par Series
Lightsense PAR Series are robust, Compact Housings for PAR 56 and PAR 64,
High-intensity sealed-beam internal reflector lamp with the ?SSS Quality System?.

PAR-64 , 1000 Watt, PAR-56 , 300 Watt.


  • Constructed from pressed ? aluminum, steel sections which are hinged in the middle to permit lamp removal without the possibility of a part of the PAR CAN being dropped.
  • Body is coated in a heat and scratch-resistant matt black epoxy poser paint and PAR CAN also available in the polished aluminum finish.
  • A ceramic EMEP type lamp base is supplied.
  • Internal wire guard is permanently fitted to prevent glass from a broken lamp to fall from the front.
  • Replacing the lamp is easier than ever thanks to a special ring that facilitates quick relamping.
  • These units can be supplied with color flame.
  • Lamp 1000 w. 220-240vAC. For PAR-64
  • Lamp 300 w. 220-240 vAC. For PAR-56